The Greek wines have been well known and traded throughout the Mediterranean and are now rapidly spreading across the globe.

For about almost 8,000 years, Greece has been producing its own wine, so when it comes to these alcoholic beverages made out of luscious grapes, be rest assured that the Greeks know what they are doing.

Among the 300 native varietals grown in the wine regions of Greece, we will provide for you the top selling ones which are Moschofilero (white wine), Agiorgitiko (red wine) Melagousia (white wine), and Assyrtiko (white wine).


Although wine can be consumed for pleasure, physicians consider it also as a cure to reduce coronary heart diseases, to maintain the immune system, as excellent antioxidants, strong anti-bacterial and as a relief for stress.


So the next time you treat yourself some Greek wine, just unwind and realize that not all pleasurable things are bad.


timeless greek wines