A miracle oil. The healthiest of all oils, given from the goddess of wisdom, Athena, our Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers amazing health benefits to its consumers.

Regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO):
• reduces the risk of heart diseases.
• contributes to removing lipids from the blood vessels
• helps breakdown trans fatty acids
• assists the prevention of colon, pancreas, breast, prostate cancer
• helps delay the onset of diabetes
• contributes to the smooth functioning of the liver • reduces the secretion of gastric acid
• contributes to the reduction of osteoporosis
• helps the proper functioning of the pancreas
• protects the kidneys from toxicity.

Perhaps, it is no surprise that the Greek Olive Oil is considered to be among the best in the world by many culinary expertise because 80% of the olive oil produced in Greece is extra virgin, compared to the 50% of Italian and Spanish oils.

the extra virgin olive oil