El-Greco’s Real Greek Cooking Seminars For Filipino Cooks

Date : 2018/08/03

El-Greco’s Real Greek Cooking Seminars for Filipino Cooks

Always having a passion for the culinary arts that his beloved mother conveyed to him at an early age, he had always practiced this forte behind-the-scenes in all his working years. At the year of 1999, when the doors for cooking schools in Greece were opened, he grabbed the chance to sign in gastronomy seminars mainly involved in the Greek Cuisine, and the more he learnt, the more he got serious with the vocation. As his love for cooking built up, he started going to more integral schools such as “Chef D'oeuvre” in Athens and “Le Monde” while being taught for years under the excellent Chef Christopher Peskia and the infamous Pastry Chef Stellios Palliaros.

Chef Antonis is deeply committed to helping the Filipino seafarer cooks grow not just in the field of the culinary arts but also to be able to apply knowledge of proper food handling for the safety of the crew, the ship and the marine environment.
Chef Antonis firmly believes in the importance of the improvement of the Filipino cook’s performance by learning real Greek cooking through traditional recipes done with expert culinary techniques that are sure to satisfy every member of the ship’s company.

Chef Antonis seeks to shape the Filipino seafarer cooks to make dynamic, proactive decisions in their areas of specialty during their studies to create an impact in their future destinations as they go on to become excellent professionals.

Chef Antonis recognizes the growth of demand of Filipino seafarers all over the world and thus would like to see them successfully complete each journey by continually exceeding expectations thru maximum performance of their capabilities and professionalism.